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1st Remedy Rx offers Telehealth Pharmacy Solutions with a special focus on Acute and Chronic Pain Management, Workers Comp, and Personal Injury.

close up woman's hand taking pills on a background with various sealed pills and three organes

Acute and Chronic Pain Management

Two men, one with face off screen with a saw being used to saw off a bit of wood, the other, on screen, Black, looking at the table while measuring it.

IWorker's Compensation Medication Fulfillment

Close up of a woman with her back towards the camera, preparing to take notes on a clipboard, while another woman, in the background out of focus, speaks. The out of focus woman is sitting down on a grey couch with plants surrounding her and in front of her is a table with two cups standing on a wooden platform.

Behavioral Health

Close-up of a man, sitting down, twisting his back towards a woman, instucting him while looking for signs of pain.


Close up for woman's hand pointed to xray of human ribs. In the background, brain scans are behind the woman's hand.


Close up of woman in a white mask and lab coat looking into a microscrope.

Personal Injury Medication Fulfillment

Close up of a woman, eyes closed, getting brush and luquid drops from model off screen, hands on screen.


3 small white medication cups on a light green surface, one tipped over with filled with tablets. Various tabets, gel capps and pills are scattered across the table.

Internal Medicine​

Three women talking to one another in a doctor's office. One woman, to the left, is dressed in doctor's robe, wearing a scope, sitting across the table, talking to and taking notes with another woman, wearing a green plaid shirt, a scarf over her head. A woman with an afro puff listened to the woman in the scarf, leaning in towards her.


Close up of a woman's foot being massaged by a man.