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Our Services

We work with corporate employers, health plans, labor unions, and other organizations, to interface with drug manufacturers and process prescription-related claims. We also act as the connector between employers, members, drug wholesalers, pharmacies, and drug companies, working to facilitate the best possible patient outcomes at the lowest possible cost. Having an effective pharmacy benefit strategy and choosing our services over the competitors is critical to ensuring the success of our clients' benefits plan, optimizing spend, and protecting the well-being of their employees. Here’s what sets us apart from our competition…

  • Ability to craft & devise prescription plans with costs 50% below the National Average, which in turn means savings that ultimately increase profitability for organizations.

  • Private Label PBM Services.

  • Rebate Aggregation Services.

  • No” Middle-Man Markups - i.e differential charge from our cost to end payors.

  • We use a “Preferred” Pharmacy Network which allows more options, thus better pricing.

  • Ability to get savings on Specialty Drugs as these typically make up 50% of drug costs yet only make up 20% utilization with the plan.

  • Access to International Pharmacy which is usually half the cost of stateside pharmacy.

What we offer

Flexible and Proven PBM Solutions

1st Remedy Rx. PBM is a national, URAC-accredited, Pharmacy Benefit Manager with over 30 years’ experience. Whether your company is large or small, we tailor our programs to your organization's requirements. We pioneered the business doctrine of ‘transparency’ and are a leading advocate of ‘full disclosure’ in the PBM industry. 1st Remedy Rx. has a strong and stable information technology infrastructure, evidenced by our SOC1 audit report. It is our personal mission to treat our clients with integrity, provide the highest level of customer service.

1st Remedy Rx. System Delivers
  • 100% in-house claims processing systems and services
  • State-of-the-art analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Robust processing and/or data capture platform
  • Comprehensive utilization management programs
  • Flexible copays
  • National retail pharmacy network-no spread or hidden fee
  • Customer-focused mail order pharmacy
  • Rigorous audit rights for clients to access and confirm the full pass-through    agreement
  • Strong and stable information technology infrastructure
  • Customer-specific support team for individual solutions and service
  • HSA and HRA plans
  • Interactive member portal
  • Population health analytics
Cost Optimization Customized to Your Needs

1st Remedy Rx. manages cost, reduces risk, and protects care—by implementing proven cost optimization solutions that deliver continuous discipline to drive spending and savings while maximizing business value. We provide our customers with a full suite of PBM services—obtaining the best pricing and terms for all business transactions; standardizing, simplifying, and rationalizing across the ecosystem of technology, data, processes, and services; and automating workflows with proprietary leverage of IT, contracts, and services across every point of business operation.

Real-Time Access and Support

1st Remedy Rx's national network of independent and chain pharmacies is 68,000+ strong - supported by our online claims processing system that provides pharmacies with real-time access to member eligibility and plan benefit coverage, clinical information, and concurrent drug use evaluation. Our clear contract has no retail or independent pharmacy pricing spread or hidden fees. Clients have rigorous audit rights to access, audit, and confirm all aspects of the full pass-through agreement.​Customer Care Centers are available to our members, physicians, and pharmacies 24/7/365 - with a bilingual staff (TTY and language-line interpretation) who strives fora one-call resolution and ensure callers never encounter a busy signal.

Comprehensive Clinical Service

1st Remedy Rx. will customize a formulary to fit your needs — the options are limitless and the choice is yours. We take great pride in our clinically driven, financially supported formulary and our “lowest net cost of therapy” philosophy. Clients using our formulary have maintained cost trends below national growth rates for the last ten years..

Customer-focused Mail Order Services

1st Remedy Rx. wholly owns and operates its mail order and specialty pharmacy, ProCare Pharmacy Care, located in Miramar, FL. Our facilities are fully integrated with the clinical department and our claims processing system, ensuring every mail prescription is evaluated with the members’ retail claims. Every order is traceable, confidential, and shipped free of charge with rapid turnaround – generating 95% customer satisfaction.

Smart Specialty Pharmacy

We offer a comprehensive approach to managing the high-cost and appropriate use of complex therapies with costly injectable and oral medications. The core services of our Specialty Care program include distribution, management, and patient support that help your members live with complex health conditions. We guarantee the integrity of the drugs we dispense and provide members with excellent care and superior clinical services to help them most effectively manage their illness. Clients can access our variable copay and cost-plus programs on specialty medications that offer the lowest prices available on the most expensive products.

Data Analytics and Reporting

1st Remedy Rx’s systems are extremely flexible in extracting any data, groupings, categories, etc. from your data. All reporting is determined by the eligibility hierarchy set up through the implementation process and discussions around eligibility vs. financial reporting. Clients also receive Zero-!n, a ‘point and click’ graphic interface tool reloaded every night to analyze your prescription program.

Delivering PBM Cost Optimization

1st Remedy Rx’s System Delivers:

  • Flexible and scalable claims processing system
  • National pharmacy network with savings options
  • 100% auditable, transparent, pass-through model
  • US-based customer care center with representatives available 24/7
  • Customizable formulary, PA & step edit functionality
  • Quality-focused clinical programs and account support
  • Drug utilization review and medication monitoring
  • Consumer-friendly mail order and specialty pharmacy
  • Dashboard, analytical reports, and data warehouse
  • Innovative and easy-to-use member portal
  • Robust rebate management system
National Pharmacy Network

Our national network of independent and chain pharmacies is 68,000+ strong, supported by our online claims processing system that provides pharmacies with real-time access to member eligibility and plan benefit coverage, clinical information and concurrent drug use evaluation. 1st Remedy Rx’s Lowest Cost Network can save Payers up to 2% on their overall pharmacy spend. Our Customer Care Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bilingual representatives strive for a one-call resolution, and callers never receive a busy signal. National Pharmacy Network

The 1st Remedy Rx Advantage: Flexible Real-Time Technology

1st Remedy Rx 1st Remedy Rx will customize a formulary to fit your needs — the options are endless and the choice is yours. Our formulary approach includes a ‘lowest net cost’ therapy philosophy paired with a transparent pass-through benefit design that has kept our clients’ prescription drug spending below national growth rates for the past ten years in a row.

Our proprietary claims processing system is integrated with retail, mail order, specialty drug and manually keyed paper claims; every prescription claim goes through the same real-time adjudication system. This is a huge advantage to our clients, who can customize every aspect of their benefit design, including copays, deductibles, drug utilization review, eligibility, and pricing edits

Information Management Tools

1st Remedy Rx provides easy-to-use online tools and applications to better manage core services.

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