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Q & A

Why 1st Remedy Rx?

At 1st Remedy Rx we’re changing the Status Quo. We are confident in providing a preferred alternative to avoid making tedious pharmacy runs which are time-consuming.

  • Same day delivery 1 - 3 hours

  • Better patient outcome

  • Home delivery (patient insurance)

  • Streamline protocol

  • Largest network reinforcement of workers' comp

Who 1st Remedy Rx is a best fit for?

1st Remedy Rx offers Telehealth Pharmacy Solutions with a special focus on Acute and Chronic Pain Management, Workers Comp, and Personal Injury. Assisting 

Employers with everything you need to deliver wellness initiatives directly to your employees.


What makes us stand out from the competition?

Our commitment to patient prescription fulfilment, for a wide variety of situations, in the quickest turnaround time possible. We can do this by forming strategic partnerships with top-rated specialty pharmacies and the nation’s leading medical device manufacturers. We also provide Pharmacogenetics Testing with assistance from our Lab Partners to determine individual patient genetic response & metabolic rate.



How does the process work?

1st Remedy Rx, our process is simple.


  • The Patient Prescription is called, faxed, or e-scribed into the pharmacy.

  • We have our friendly staff reach out! This is usually done in an hour.

  • The Pharmacist then contacts the patient via phone, text, or email, to discuss   the medication the doctor has prescribed.

What are the benefits?


  • Enhance physical connections across your facilities

  • Drive standardization and manage utilization

  • Enable sharing across your organization

  • Eliminate fragmentation and redundancies

  • Limit risks and liabilities

  • Gain reliability and predictability

  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

  • Centralize and streamline